Petra: the Oldest City in Jordan

Petra is considered to be the oldest city in Jordan. To date there is no evidence about the actual date when the city of Petra had come into existence. In the new list of wonders prepared in 2007, Petra has been added as one of world’s seven wonder. Don’t you think that visiting the seventh wonder of the world is the best way to spend your holiday? As it will not only add to your knowledge bank, but will also be a great achievement in life. It is a carved city in the lap of the Wadi Musa Canyon. The buildings and monuments of red stone lend a graceful beauty to the city. It was built by the Nabataeans many centuries ago. They worshipped the pre-Islamic gods and goddesses that were worshipped by the Arabs.

The architecture is unique as all the buildings are made by cutting the rocks. It has been acclaimed by UNESCO as a site of World Heritage. The best modes of conveyance to visit the sites are camels, horses or donkeys. The beauty and the color of the city has made artist and poets compare it to the red rose. The most famous building is the Treasury. You have to cross the Siq to visit the Treasury. Petra is situated to the South of Amman. It is two hundred kilometers from Amman.

If you visit Petra, always prepare your itinerary in such a way that you can spend at least a night in Petra. This will be worthwhile as you can spend the night in Wadi Rum desert which is called the desert of the moon. If you like handicrafts you can buy Bedouin handicraft materials. It is unusual as the materials are made of the red colored sand which needs no artificial color for adding beauty.