Petra the Architectural City

Do you want to forget the present and reside in the grandeur of the past? Then the best place to satisfy your hearts desire is Petra in Jordan. Petra is a city of architectural elegance and grandeur as it is the city which has been carved in the rocks. It is believed to be carved by the Arab traders, who settled there nearly two thousand years ago when they developed it as their trading centre. The entrance to this red city is through a gorge which is narrow and if you cannot walk you can hire a horse or a camel or a donkey to pass through the one kilometer Siq and enter the Red city.

It is best to walk while crossing the Siq as you will be able to stand and appreciate the carvings and the paintings made on the walls of the Siq. As soon as you cross the Siq you will get the surprise of your life. As soon as you come out in the open you will come face to face with a grand building called the Treasury. It is a huge building carved out of the red rock in front of which all the other monuments seem to be dwarfed. There are many ancient temples which have the idols of gods and goddesses who were worshipped by the Arabs before Islam had spread in the country. There are ruins of houses and other ancient monuments all of which present the rich architecture of those days.

While planning to visit Petra do not be in hurry if you really want to enjoy your visit and carry back the memory enclosed in your camera. You should capture the real colors of the rock during dusk when the sun rays create a special hue on the rocks. This will be the best part of your journey.  (